Information Technology

The Information Technology profession is among the fastest growing segments of employment in the U.S.

At AccruePartners, our sourcing strategies include placements for local, remote, commuter and relocation talent. We’re able to expand on the traditional process because we’re equipped with a robust network of vetted talent, and an intense sourcing and screening process that allows us the ability to find highly sought-after resources. Our national reach and our proven proprietary process ensures success with every placement.
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Positions We Hire

CTO / CIO + Infrastructure & Application Development + IT Managers + Enterprise Architects + IT Security + Application Developers (.NET, Java, etc.) + Front-End Developers + Mobile Developers (iOS & Android) + User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX) Professionals + Systems / Network Engineers + Database Administrators + IT Support + Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse Professionals + Data Scientists + DevOps Engineers

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