July 10, 2018

Staffing Impact far Beyond Filling a Seat

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In every edition of our HR Insights Magazine, influential and wide-ranging thought leaders in HR, recruitment, staffing, management, and other fields discuss themes that are relevant to our clients’ businesses. The subjects differ from issue to issue, of course, but they are always connected to the latest industry news and trends. However, for our feature article in this issue, “Staffing Impact far Beyond Filling a Seat”, we decided to take a look inward and invite four friends of AccruePartners to our office to ask about their experiences with us and how we live up to our tagline of “Building People, Companies, and Careers”. Three of them are current clients: Ayana Harnett, director of talent acquisition for one of our distribution clients (and a former AccruePartners employee); Johnny Morgan, CEO of another one of our distribution clients; and Brenda Sandoval-Logsden, human resources manager for one of our service clients (and a former AccruePartners candidate). The fourth, Alissa Farrow, is our current vice president of staffing.

Growth is one topic that appears frequently in this edition. Sometimes the authors discuss organizational growth, or how to expand a candidate pool or client base. Another article in this month’s issue, “How to Promote Career Growth in a Top-Heavy Organization,” shows Christina Chau taking a closer look at employee growth. She asks (and answers) the question that all organizations must wrestle with at one time or another: “How can a company help its employees have careers that are healthy and growing when there’s no room for promotion or raises?” She recommends including opportunities for skill building, increased access to exciting opportunities and helping to build their social network. Without offering opportunities for growth, Chau cautions that companies run the risk of seeing their most valuable employees leave.

No matter how well a company is doing right now, it needs to be ready for whatever is coming down the pike. Each day brings its own successes and challenges, and organizations that do not plan for the future will find themselves struggling when it arrives. Let us help your business develop and implement a plan to prepare for the road ahead!


Read the full issue here and stay tuned throughout the month of July as we share footage from our interviews with each of the clients (and internal) mentioned above.