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The Difference Between Workaholics and High Performers

Each office has its Workaholics and High Performers, in fact, you, yourself, might be one one of the two. In any job, we want to work hard and make strides for our companies but it’s all about how we do so, and what clear goals are defined that determine where you fall with your work ethic.

Workaholics and High Performers may look very similar on the surface, however, the are actually incredibly different. According to Julien Gordon, a high-performance coach, and consultant for organizations, individuals, and teams that want to increase employee performance, motivation, engagement, and retention, “A high performer works hard in healthy sustainable ways and feels happy and inspired. A workaholic works hard in unhealthy ways and feels unhappy and burned out.”

Do you think you might be a workaholic? Fortunately, Gordan has laid out 7 subtle differences between a workaholic and a high performer that may assist you in making the tweaks in your day to day work-life to make that shift into a high performer.

  1. Doing Business vs. Being Busy
  2. Knows What’s Enough vs. Never Enough
  3. 100% At The Right Time vs. 110% All Of The Time
  4. Knows Their Value vs. Allows Others To Determine Value
  5. Proactive/Intentional vs. Reactive/Unintentional
  6. Focus On What I Control vs. What I Can’t
  7. Put Self First vs. Second


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