unicorns in the workplace

Do Unicorns Really Exist? In the Workplace – They Do.

When companies are growing their teams, they’re looking for people who will add value. According to Ryan Holmes, CEO at Hootsuite, these people are “people who will offer up enormous benefits in the workplace, shatter expectations,¬†raise the bar for everyone and are simply a joy to be around.”

These people are unicorn employees, and they’re exactly what you need to take your business to the next level.

But how do you find these unicorns? Holmes also outlines the five key qualifiers to look for when searching for a unicorn:

  1. You aren’t limited by your job title
  2. You think big and small
  3. You have true grit
  4. You’re respectful by nature
  5. You get sh#t done


Read Holmes’ full article here.¬†