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Reduce Turnover With an Employee Experience Strategy

Regardless of what a product or service provides, a company is only as good as its people: without the right people, business grinds to a halt. Leaders know better than to underestimate the value of their employees—and are always looking for ways to improve that aspect of their organization.

In this issue’s feature article, “How to Create Positive Candidate and Employee Experiences,” Sharlyn Lauby uses a problem that’s plaguing the business world—the war for talent—as a jumping-off point for an exploration of ways to attract and retain top talent. With Kronos as a case study, she offers strategies that any organization can implement in its efforts to appeal to candidates and employees.

We have tried and proven strategies that help all types of organizations augment their current employment strategies. AccruePartners welcomes the opportunity to put our expertise to work in helping you with any open or hard to fill positions you may have.

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