LinkedIn announced its “Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies” for 2016 last week. AccruePartners is proud to have landed a number seven spot on the North American “Medium Enterprises” list! 

At AccruePartners, we’ve integrated social media into our business strategy as an intentional priority. AccruePartners feels it is very important to embrace this outlet and engage our candidates, clients, employees and communities on topics like visibility, research, insight, market intelligence and as a customer service tool. Social media has proven to be an important element in our marketing strategy, delivering on all of the above with tracking and quantifiable data to support it.


AccruePartners believes clients, candidates and employees alike want to partner with companies like ours with outstanding social sharing and transparency.

The LinkedIn list is based on an extensive analysis of the interactions between over 60,000 staffing firms, 627,000 consultants, and 450+ million members on LinkedIn over the past year. Social networks are changing the way we do business and our team has strategically worked at increasing our social presence with social reach, employee engagement and interactions, employer brand and content marketing. According to LinkedIn, winning firms this year all shared something in common – consistency across multiple metrics.

According to Ryan Holmes, CEO at Hootsuite, “Investing in a social strategy now is the single best way to future-proof your business for the years ahead.” Our candidates are on social media. Our clients are on social media. Holmes also states that the average user logs in for nearly 1.7 hours every day or 12 hours a week. With stats like this, why wouldn’t our company be on social media as yet another way to interact with those we do business with?



View the full list of winners here. 

AccruePartners sponsored this years Digital Summit in Charlotte. The Summit is a premier digital strategies forum transforming the future of the digital commerce ecosystem – including Marketing, UX & Design, Search, Content, Mobile, and more. Our team was able to hear from professionals within the digital industry, network and learn through comprehensive sessions.

It’s always exciting for our team to attend a conference like this because the industry is always evolving and there’s always something to learn. What may be exciting, trendy and new today, will likely not be in five years. The Digital Summit provides you with real-world, practical solutions happening at the crossroads of marketing, analytics, user experience and emerging technologies.

With over 550 digital industry professionals in attendance, the event was full of big ideas, practical know-hows and innovative solutions for digital marketing problems.

Our team really enjoyed sponsoring the event and connecting with new faces throughout the two-day Summit.

Interesting in attending next year? Learn more about the Digital Summit here. 


Accrue attends Gartner’s Digital Marketing Conference 2015- hot topic hiring well! #GartnerDMC #AccruePartners