AccruePartners sponsored this years Digital Summit in Charlotte. The Summit is a premier digital strategies forum transforming the future of the digital commerce ecosystem – including Marketing, UX & Design, Search, Content, Mobile, and more. Our team was able to hear from professionals within the digital industry, network and learn through comprehensive sessions.

It’s always exciting for our team to attend a conference like this because the industry is always evolving and there’s always something to learn. What may be exciting, trendy and new today, will likely not be in five years. The Digital Summit provides you with real-world, practical solutions happening at the crossroads of marketing, analytics, user experience and emerging technologies.

With over 550 digital industry professionals in attendance, the event was full of big ideas, practical know-hows and innovative solutions for digital marketing problems.

Our team really enjoyed sponsoring the event and connecting with new faces throughout the two-day Summit.

Interesting in attending next year? Learn more about the Digital Summit here.