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Which of Your Skills Could Use Improvement? Take the Tests!

Today’s market is ever-changing making it difficult to make sure your skills are keeping up with the pace of change. How do you identify which skills are most important for you to learn? And how do you determine if you need to make a career change in order to keep learning and stay engaged, or whether there are enough opportunities for growth where you are now? It’s important to evaluate your role and discover new ways to apply your talents and interests based on today’s trends and what need these trends will result in.

The Harvard Business Review has compiled four tools to help you identify the skills you need to grow.

The three assessments:

  1. What’s Your Curiosity Profile?
  2. Are You in Danger of Becoming Obsolete?
  3. Is it Time to Rethink Your Career?


And a tool to help you reach your goals in 4 steps from Heidi Grant Halvorson that will improve the odds of sticking to your development goals once you’ve set them.


Find out which of your skills may need improvement!