May 09, 2018

It’s Time to Revolutionize Workplace Communication

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We all know full well just how expensive recruitment, hiring, and training can be and we are always looking for new ways to reduce turnover rates. In today’s low-unemployment job market, you have to work harder than ever to keep employees on board. This issue of HR Insights offers several strategies you can implement to help keep your employees satisfied and engaged—and not looking for greener grass elsewhere.

In “How to Improve the Employee Experience,” Stacey Kervin boils the issue down to one factor: manager involvement. Many policies are created at “the top,” but middle managers are the ones who work closely with employees and know them best. Therefore, she explains, “organizations that want to move the needle on their employee experience must figure out how to get managers to embrace the company’s vision and actively make positive contributions to the employee experience.”

Employees who feel connected to and invested in their organizations are more likely to stick around, and good communication can play a key role in helping them feel that way. In this issue’s feature article, “It’s Time to Revolutionize Workplace Communication!” Mark Sawyier describes how to make sure that such communication both informs and engages employees.

No matter how good a company’s employee experience is, it always has room for improvement. Sometimes all that’s needed is a small tweak; sometimes an overhaul is in order. AccruePartners can help your organization figure out what it needs to do in order to decrease turnover—and increase productivity and competitiveness.

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