Salary Trends for 2022: Finance, HR, Marketing, IT & More

Salary Trends for 2022

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Annual salary is the major component of any compensation package. As companies try to attract talent and candidates seek roles that meet their compensation needs, there is valuable data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on salary expectations that can be used as a baseline when discussing expectations. This ebook summarizes these statistics and explains
average role expectations, salaries, and more.

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Expected job growth for key occupations.

Baseline salary expectation figures for roles in Accounting & Finance, HR, Marketing, IT, and more.

Median annual wages in top industries.

Top geographical areas by annual mean wages.

Charlotte area-specific data on salary ranges.

Salary Trends for 2022
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Use the figures and information in this resource as a baseline of what to expect from each industry and specific roles within those industries.