How to Use Contract Employees to Support your Marketing Team

Need help meeting a marketing deadline? Don’t have the manpower to get a big project done as quickly as you’d like? Contract employees to the rescue!

Marketing departments have many moving parts and diverse objectives to tackle. A 2022 survey of more than 1,000 global marketers by HubSpot found: 
● 30% of marketers said team training was their biggest challenge last year.
● 21% of marketers expect hiring top talent to be their top challenge in 2022.
● Justifying (and increasing) a marketing budget was also cited as a top challenge. 
Contract employees can help you address marketing challenges like these. Here’s how:

Need Marketing Help? Consider Contractors
Contract employees are a great option when your marketing department:   
  • Has a big marketing project that needs extra help
  • Has a looming deadline but not enough people power to meet it
  • Wants to explore new marketing talent but test-drive candidates first
  • Doesn’t have the budget to hire full-time marketing staff but can hire contract employees
  • Could use some diverse marketing expertise for specific projects
  • Can benefit from new marketing perspectives to invigorate innovation 
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