5 Interview Red Flags to Look For as a Hiring Manager

Job interviews are the first opportunity hiring managers have to meet candidates and form a professional opinion about whether or not the candidate is a good match for the job. However, recent studies have shown that at least 46% of employers expressed regret in hiring their latest recruits amid the growing need to keep up with hiring challenges during the pandemic. 

Furthermore, replacing new hires leaving during the first six months of employment pose additional setbacks to business owners who have invested time and money in the new employee. The bottom line among business leaders reveals a collective consensus on the need to do better vetting of candidates.

Spotting these five red flags during the interview is the first step in safeguarding your company’s hiring process.

Adaptability in Trends for Financial Services

Retaining star workers and attracting newcomers with a “high achiever” mindset will continue to be at the forefront of the hiring manager’s priorities. Companies will need to adapt to a remote workforce and provide tools that support their employee’s growth. With skilled leaders and company directives aimed at employee investment, financial services will remain a top contender for the best talent.