September 14, 2021

Top 4 Leadership Qualities to Look for in Your Future Boss or Employee

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Employees who have leadership qualities benefit companies in many ways, regardless of what title they have. Leaders set a good example for their peers and anyone they manage. They can ultimately improve the quality of work that’s being done in an organization. 

Professionals with leadership qualities can inspire, motivate and increase employee engagement. That’s why leadership is a desirable quality in job candidates. Whether you’re a business that’s hiring talent, or you’re a job seeker interviewing for roles, consider these four leadership qualities to look out for or cultivate that can improve company contributions.

1. A Leader Creates Connections & Builds Trust

Leadership depends on effective relationship-building. Leaders know that the best potential comes from a solid team. They get to know their team members and learn what their strengths are. Leaders empower their team members to meaningfully contribute by using their strengths.

Strengths-based leadership is valuable, since employees who use their strengths every day are 15% less likely to quit their jobs and are 8% more productive, according to Gallup. Leaders put their team members in positions to “win,” by doing what they do best and working on their passions.

When others feel empowered, they’re more likely to trust in their leaders and follow their vision. Leaders motivate others to develop their own leadership qualities. Leaders are eager mentors and coaches, who strive to bring out the best in others.

2. A Leader Is Confident But Not Overpowering

In order for others to trust and follow a leader, the leader must be confident and capable. Communicating a vision and inspiring others requires belief in one’s self. But that doesn’t mean leaders are narcissistic.

As Northeastern University’s Master of Science in Leadership program teaches, leaders prioritize personal development and focus on developing their emotional intelligence. Leaders know they don’t know everything. That’s why leaders frequently seek out learning opportunities, whether it’s through reading books, attending conferences or taking courses.

Leaders acknowledge their weaknesses. They empower those who have strengths different from theirs to fill in the gap. Leaders strive to learn more about the areas where they’re lacking.

3. A Leader Shows Commitment to a Company & Its Employees

In a business environment, leaders must promote belief in a company and the employees who are working there. LinkedIn’s Workplace Culture Trends report found 70% of professionals in the U.S. would not work at a leading company if that meant they’d have to deal with a poor workplace culture. But “Harvard Business Review” reports 45% of employees say leadership is minimally or not at all committed to improving culture.

Leaders get other professionals on-board with a company’s mission. They know the values a company is built on and promote those in their work, their communication and their management style.

Leaders work to understand departments outside of their own. They strive to know what makes an organization function. They embrace learning opportunities for new skills. They look forward to self-development and provide learning and training opportunities for employees, as well.

Leaders treat everyone with respect, from executives in the C-suite to the office cleaning crew. Ethics drive their work. Leaders try to hire those whose own values align with the company mission, knowing every part of an organization has the power to influence its success.

4. A Leader Has a Vision

Leaders have a vision to create positive change. They’re interested in taking risks that could result in better outcomes. They encourage out-of-the-box thinking to drive innovation and differentiate a group from the status quo. 

According to a study of 300,000 leaders reported by “Inc.,” some of the top 10 traits that characterized successful leaders included:

  • Analyzes issues and solves problems
  • Displays a strategic perspective
  • Innovates

Leaders empower others to adopt an entrepreneurial spirit and go beyond their basic job description. Leaders don’t limit others. They encourage their team members to contribute to a grand vision, by going beyond what’s expected of them.

Leaders don’t restrict themselves to benchmarks. They strive to exceed expectations and embrace new ways of thinking and doing things to go beyond and achieve exceptional results.

Want to Hire Effective Leaders for Your Company?

Whether you’re looking to hire someone in a leadership position like the C-suite or management, or you want to hire talent across all levels that displays leadership qualities, it’s helpful to know what to look for. Talent acquisition solutions from AccruePartners help you find professionals with the talent and leadership qualities your business is looking for. Contact us for a consultation.

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