March 16, 2020

Staying Connected From Afar

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In this time of uncertainty, it is the mission of AccruePartners to provide certainty and continuity. As many companies transition to interim remote work policies and hiring processes transform, it is critical to know how to continue to build your team outside the office. We’ve put together the below tips on how to keep candidates engaged and ready for the next step throughout this time apart.

Utilize Your Resources and Pick a Platform

Today, email and phone-based interviewing is a more time efficient and effective method of introducing clients to potential candidates.  There are many alternatives to an in-person interview, namely phone and video interviews to keep the hiring process moving forward with platforms such as Skype, Google Hangout, Facetime, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

Set the Tone for a Video Interview

Before the interview be sure to clarify your expectations. Determine who will place the call first and on what platform. Prepare and present an outline to the candidate for the virtual interview via calendar invite and introduce any additional employees that may be included on the call, allowing the candidate to be set up for success. Ultimately, you want the candidate to hang-up with a positive impression of your company.  If you are unable to connect via video, it is always good to have an alternative form of contact to continue the interview via phone call.

Video Interview Etiquette Tips

  • Avoid Background Distractions
    • Be sure to silence all notifications. Direct all incoming calls to voicemail and silence email and phone alerts. Be sure to choose a quiet location free from possible interruptions and distractions for your interview.  

  • Dress for Success
    • Candidates are also interviewing you – be sure to present professionally even while away from the office. First impressions matter to both parties and you should be fully prepared from head to toe.

  • Make Eye Contact
    • It is easy to get distracted from a video. Be sure to make a connection with the candidate by looking directly at the camera and being fully engaged throughout the discussion.

  • Remember to Smile
    • Your personal body language will dictate the direction of the interview. By exhibiting positive body language and smiling you will help to put yourself and the candidate at ease in an unfamiliar situation.

Plan and Practice Your Presentation

Remember, you are still selling your company to the candidate. They are judging you, and this is a different type of interview than most hiring managers and candidates are accustomed to. Practice makes perfect. We recommend doing a test run on screen sharing to familiarize yourself with the process prior to the interview.

Don’t Leave Candidates Hanging

The conclusion of the interview should be business as usual. Make sure that you’re updating the candidate on the company’s current hiring timeline and what next steps look like. Be transparent and set realistic expectations on when they will be hearing from you.

Through technology, you’re able to keep the hiring process in motion and be able to build your team quickly and efficiently without disruption. AccruePartners is here to support your team and continues to work tirelessly to provide talent solutions tailored to your needs. Reach out to our team to get connected with one of our industry experts today.

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