March 09, 2020

Spring Clean Your Hiring Strategy

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You’ve probably noticed that the turn of the new year has brought changes to the hiring market. Companies are starting to focus more on the key motivators of the candidate and candidates are turning to creative resources now more than ever to assist them in identifying their ideal next step. Below, we will cover: prioritizing candidate experience, hiring for soft skills, and the strategic recruiter.


Candidates expect a consumer-level experience while navigating the hiring process and it often can be the deciding factor between accepting and declining an offer. IBM recently published an article on The Far-Reaching Impact of Candidate Experience which outlined that, “people who are satisfied with their candidate experiences are 38% more likely to accept a job offer.”

Regardless of whether they get a job offer, applicants who are satisfied with their candidate experience are more than twice as likely to recommend the hiring organization to others, compared with those who were not satisfied (62% vs 28%).

87% of candidates say a great recruitment experience can change their mind about a company they once doubted. On the flip side, 83% of talent say a negative interview experience can change their mind about a role or company they once liked.

They key to ensuring that a candidate is fully engaged throughout the hiring process is to make them feel valued. For example, AccruePartners combines technology with personal touch points to check in regularly with candidates including: update calls, quality checks, and genuine feedback before and after interviews. There is also an emphasis on inviting candidates into the office to meet their recruiter and receive a tour of the office. It’s important for them to know who they are working with!


We’re currently operating in a nation wide skills deficit that’s predicted to grow to 29 million skills by 2030 according to Deloitte, the majority being soft skills. Two-thirds of open roles between 2020 and 2030 will largely rely on communication and empathy. In order to combat the deficit, recruiters are focusing on identifying talent that can be adaptive and flexible to different company structures.

But haven’t companies always put an emphasis on hiring for personality/soft skills? The answer is yes; however, demand for such skills will grow across all industries by 26% nationwide. AccruePartners ensures that the correct candidates are vetted for clients from a 360-degree angle by connecting with hiring managers to gain a greater understanding of the department, manager, and team resulting in the identification of the best possible hire.


The role of the modern recruiter has become more valuable as of recent. Ultimately, professional staffing agencies are an extension of the companies they are servicing and are valuable to the mission of strategically building out a client’s team.

The staffing field has become more tech-enabled than ever which heightens the ability to engage with hiring managers, candidates and employees. AccruePartners specifically has a technology ecosystem of 30 platforms allowing the transition from reactive to proactive sourcing. This capability ensures top tier talent is accurately identified. If you’re looking to utilize a different strategy to find your next opportunity or build out your team in today’s climate, AccruePartners is your source for the perfect match.

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