July 20, 2021

Redesigning Work Post-COVID

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Redesigning Work Post-Covid

The world has experienced global disruption over the past 14 months as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Seemingly overnight, a day in the office has taken a massive overnight shift to a virtual work environment. How society, employers and employees think about remote/virtual work has drastically changed. Lately, many people want to work from anywhere. It’s just one of the many ways that the pandemic has changed recruiting and hiring across companies of all sizes and across all industries. Many expert’s projections of what would take place in the recruitment industry in the next 5-10 years actually materialized in the first three months of the pandemic. In a podcast by The Resilient Recruiter,  Bruce Morton, author of Redesigning the Way Work Works , says that we “have lived through the biggest social experiment of all time when it comes to work”. The pandemic has given us a chance to shift our mindset and to reinvent work to better reflect globalization and employees’ growing thirst for flexibility.

“Talent Anywhere” and Working Remotely

The pandemic taught companies that remote work can be highly effective. Morton talks about the idea of talent being located anywhere and how remote work now allows recruiters to search for skilled talent regardless of where they are located. According to Morton, in order to be successful, recruiters should search for the person that will have the best cultural fit with their client, no matter where they live. Morton says” we want to go find the best person or best people that have the best cultural fit for our organization. That is the number 1 criteria.”

With many companies returning to the office, there are more opportunities to experiment with innovative ways of working. Evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of remote or on-site work gives organizations the ability to critically consider the ways to make a hybrid workplace more successful. For example, establishing and maintaining organizational culture is difficult in a virtual environment, but remote work allows employees and employers to save on commuting time and costs, which gives employees an opportunity to save money on gas and to reduce their carbon footprint.

Morton also says that if hiring managers are going to adopt the “talent anywhere” concept, they should go beyond hiring when a need arises. Instead, recruiters should build a direct relationship with candidates. Organizations tend to treat people like applicants, then like candidates, and then employees. The way Morton describes it, recruiting firms  and hiring managers should treat talent like consumers.

Working Beyond the Walls of the Office

A shift from company loyalty to trade/career loyalty is happening. Companies are usually faced with the question of, “is this task for an employee or for a contractor?” This one-track mind limits the opportunities that are around us. Companies should instead practice deconstructing a project by asking, “what elements do we need?”, “how long it will take?”, and “how much will it cost?” “As organizations stop being so precious about how they’re getting work done, it’s literally opening up the world of possibilities,” said Morton.

AccruePartners is Redesigning the Workplace

At AccruePartners, we think and run different than other talent solutions providers. Our recruiters are comprehensively trained and adhere to the AccruePartners Business Systems (ABS) 15-step recruiting process, and they are armed with the tools needed to perform their roles no matter where they may be geographically. Our employees span coast-to-coast, with a number of positions being performed 100% remotely. Local employees have the option to either work from home or in the office, or a hybrid blend of both. Once hired, employees are immersed in our technology ecosystem, a comprehensive cloud-based environment. This hybrid approach has allowed us to recruit and hire top tier talent regardless of where they may live. Further, employee satisfaction is increased because the time they spend together in the office is more focused and fulfilling.

The ABS is built on the foundation of our beliefs, system and core values. This in-depth process allows us to build and maintain a relationship with both candidates and clients from the first point of contact to post-placement. We are committed to delivering meaningful experiences that exceed expectations, impact lives and influence tomorrow’s solutions. We strive to cultivate purposeful and deliberate internal and external relationships. We believe that candidates become clients and clients become candidates. This value system elevates our team in the competitive markets we serve–making us attractive for companies who wish to partner with a total workforce solutions provider for staffing, search, and project solutions.

About AccruePartners While the workplace and its norms are changing, the ability to lean on a trusted staffing solutions provider like AccruePartners is a critical strategic business move. Our process is flexible and adaptable to meet any staffing requirement – locally or nationally – and has earned our reputation as an industry leader in contract and temporary staffing for mid-large Fortune 500 companies. AccruePartners delivers more than just talented professionals, we deliver top talent to support your organization in reaching their goals. Work with us today to build people, companies and careers.

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