June 22, 2021

Flexible Staffing to Meet the Needs of Finance & Accounting Teams

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Automation in Finance & Accounting

It is estimated that 40% of finance activities such as general accounting operations, cash disbursement, revenue management, tax, reporting, financial planning, analysis, etc. are now fully automated. The pandemic thrust digital transformation onto many organizations and F&A functions are not immune to the impacts. As financial services become increasingly automated, CFOs need staff with technological expertise to take them into the future of finance and accounting.

The Changing Talent Needs of CFOs

Organizations need F&A professionals who have savvy computer skills, the ability to operate business intelligence software, data analytics, and forecasting. They are looking for individuals with management skills that can be used to develop internal and external business relations, and business development skills to identify new areas of profitability.

CFOs recognize that a flexible staffing model is essential to business continuity during changing economic conditions. Even when budgets are limited, companies must push forward and bridge skills gaps to meet long-term goals as well as meet routine, essential needs.

Employing a mix of full-time, temporary, and project staff enables organizations to keep costs low and scale teams as needed. Contract workers provide access to specialized skills for high-priority projects and can alleviate the burden on core staff during busy times, such as end-of-year accounting.

Meeting the Needs of Finance & Accounting Teams with Flexible Talent Services

Identifying dedicated, qualified talent for your team isn’t an easy feat. Recruiting takes time, close attention, and significant resources. A total talent solutions partner that goes above and beyond to match top talent with your opportunities. Hiring through a firm to identify and entice finance & accounting talent, and then negotiate terms, can reduce a huge amount of time and costs to an organization, and due to the extensive resources an agency has available, it produces extremely effective results.

The Benefits of Flexible Staffing & Search Services

  • Hire better candidates faster. Partnering with a talent solutions firm reduces the time and internal resources needed to hire, resulting in shorter vacancy fill times and an increase in the efficiency of the organization. A firm takes care of the administrative steps in the hiring process and ensures that you are only presented with top candidates that are qualified and vetted to match your qualifications within 24-48 hours.
  • Expand your candidate pool. Tap into a firm’s broad technology ecosystems to position job vacancy posts where they will be best received by active candidates – invaluable knowledge accessible only by working in the recruitment sector. They have access to best talent available, both actively and passively seeking employment. Our subject matter experts can help connect you to the right people.
  • Critical cost savings as your workforce scales. An agency’s subject matter experts will help you reduce costs on over the short-term and long-term while providing top candidates to hire. While there are fees and costs associated with using a firm, leaning into their expertise helps organizations like yours, meet both long-term and short-term goals.

AccruePartners’ Finance & Accounting Talent Solution Services

It’s where we began in the Executive Search & Staffing industry and has been the foundation of our earned acclaim in Charlotte and nationwide. Our Recruiters are all subject matter experts within the Accounting & Finance field and we pride ourselves on getting to truly know our candidates, so that we can learn their compelling story and make the best career match!

If you’re looking to hire top finance and accounting professionals or simply need help figuring our your next hiring move, contact AccruePartners’ team of subject matter experts today.

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