February 18, 2020

Congratulations to Our Second JumpStart Class!

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Staffing Manager, Enterprise

Emily was drawn to the staffing industry after college. “I am a very social person and enjoy making new friends and developing new relationships. Recruiting was the perfect way to fuse my social strengths with a professional career.” After interviewing onsite and meeting the team she knew it was the right fit for her. “The whole company is one big team and has a great culture. I wanted to work somewhere I would enjoy going every day and be challenged.”

In her new role on our Enterprise Accounts team, Emily hopes to excel and push herself to be the best she can be. “I want to grow as a professional and a person.”

Dan found his way to AccruePartners after his roommate was placed through our Accounting & Finance division. After coming onsite to interview for our November JumpStart Program he was immediately drawn to the job and the culture. “Everyone has been great, it’s an extremely fun environment and the people I work with have become some of my best friends in Charlotte.”

He loves helping others and surrounding himself with those who are equally as driven in their professional lives. “I am always looking to continue improving my professional life here at Accrue. I hope that as I continue my employment here, that I will be able to continue to grow and expand my knowledge in a variety of different skillsets.”

Staffing Manager, Enterprise

If you’re looking to join a dynamic company that will invest in your personal and professional growth, reach out to us today here!

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