April 22, 2020

3 Ways to Show Your Appreciation for the Administrative Professional(s)

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Today is the day! Today, we celebrate the Administrative Professionals that tirelessly support and reinforce the functions of the business. The team members that keep us all organized, on task, and successful. The role of an Administrative Professional varies by organization and responsibilities can range from budgeting and customer services to event planning and managing calendars.

Speaking of calendars, did you remember to mark today as the day to celebrate your treasured Administrative Professional staff that often go above and beyond to keep your business running smoothly? We hope so.

As your organization addresses today’s changing business environment, employee appreciation is an important gesture. Showing sincere gratitude can go a long way towards boosting morale and recognizing your staff’s importance to the company.

The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) first celebrated Administrative Professionals day in 1952. Much of the business environment has changed since then. In addition to the changes in the titles and responsibilities of administrative staff, teams are working remotely now more than ever. A handshake and a “thank you for your service” no longer suffice but we have some tips on how to show your appreciation for your staff no matter the distance.

  • Hold a virtual gathering or happy hour
    Traditionally, companies tend to celebrate big milestones during a company-wide meeting. Take that meeting virtual with Zoom or Microsoft Teams and take a moment to recognize their accomplishments in front of the entire organization.
  • Send them a gift
    Many managers show their appreciation by gift-giving. Whether you send an e-gift card to their favorite store or restaurant or have flowers delivered with a handwritten note be sure that your gift is thoughtful and shows that you appreciate your staff on a personal level.
  • Provide professional development opportunities
    Most employees are looking to grow and expand within an organization. Offer to purchase online training sessions that will help your employee develop their abilities and learn new skills that are added value to them both personally and professionally.

Even though Administrative Professionals Day comes around only once a year, it is never too early or too late to start showing your employee appreciation for their contributions throughout the year.

If you forgot to mark your calendar this year, we hope our advice helps you find the perfect gift for your Administrative Staff today. Looking forward, take a moment to pencil in this annual celebration on the last Wednesday of the last full week of April.

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