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Polishing Your Social Media – Yes, Employers (And Recruiters) Are Looking

It’s hard to imagine life before social media because it plays such a big role today in not only most our of our personal lives but in driving business and your career.

It’s expected that employers and recruiters are going to look you up online as they begin to build out their teams and search for new hires. How do you ensure that your profiles, not just LinkedIn, aren’t going to contain something that might lower your chances of landing that new job? Thankfully, The Muse has outlined 13 simple things you can do right now on your own social media to polish your profile, ensuring employers and recruiters will be pleased with the results they receive when Googling your name.

  1. Follow publications in your industry
  2. Follow influencers in your industry
  3. Then share their stuff
  4. Get a professional photo
  5. Go all out
  6. Write a personal bio
  7. Like other people’s stuff
  8. Ask for likes in return
  9. Join a group
  10. Connect with your extended network
  11. Stalk
  12. Edit
  13. Google yourself


Read the full article on The Muse’s website here.