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Are You Making the Most of your Temporary Assignment?

According to the Harvard Business Review, the number of short-term assignments in companies has been increasing and the trend is expected to continue. AccruePartners is feeling this increase in the market as more and more of our clients turn to temporary assignments for their short-term goals.

Short-term assignments can be rewarding development opportunities for those who learn to take advantage.  The Harvard Business Review explains, “These workers are rapidly introduced to new geographies, functions, and cultures. They meet new colleagues from whom they can learn and with whom they can connect. And there’s never enough time in the job for learning to stagnate.” But exactly how do you make the most of a temporary role for your long-term learning and professional development?


Far too often, short-term assignments come with little or no training. Don’t worry! The Harvard Business Review has outlined four tips for making the most of your temporary assignment with lasting learning and development growth:

  1. Set short-term goals.
  2. Seek feedback.
  3. Find mentors and peer relationships.
  4. Keep a learning journal.


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