March 25, 2020

Managing Remote Employees and Contractors

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While close to a quarter of the US workforce already works from home at least partially, new policies are leaving many employees – and their managers – working from home and separated from one another for the first time. This can be an intimidating situation for teams that don’t have established remote-work policies and training in advance. Fortunately, Charlotte’s top talent solutions provider can provide advice on how to manage your remote employees and contractors.


Communicate clear expectations

Remote work becomes more efficient and satisfying for all parties involved when managers set expectations for their team. There should be clear, universal guidelines surrounding communication, project deadlines, and deliverables that are effectively transmitted to the entire team. Our AccruePartners’ consultants on assignment have regular quality checks with their recruiter and information is quickly conveyed to the client if needed to keep the flow of business steady and strong. 

Establish structured daily check-ins

We suggest having daily one-on-one calls or team conference calls. This creates a regular and predictable schedule that can help structure your employee’s remote time. Daily check-ins keep accountability at the forefront of remote work. At AccruePartners, we go one step further have daily check-ins at the start and end of each day to stay connected and abreast of the changing needs of our clients together.

Provide technology options

Technology is intended to make our lives and communication channels when remote easier. Now is the time to utilize alternative methods of remote communication as email alone is insufficient. Video conferencing offers many benefits for remote workers as it feels more personal than written or audio-only communication and can combat feelings of isolation. Our team at AccruePartners utilizes video conferencing via Skype, FaceTime, and Microsoft Teams to communicate both internally and externally with our candidates and clients to help alleviate the bottleneck that traditional email communication can present. The integration of these resources enables us to have constant communication with our team to ensure business continues as usual, even from outside the office.

If your company doesn’t have technology tools already in place, consult with our organization’s IT department to ensure you are utilizing the most cost-effective ways to obtain video conferencing without jeopardizing your data security.

Offer encouragement and emotional support

It is critical that managers offer acknowledgment, concern, and empathy for their potentially new remote workforce. Research shows that employees look to their managers for cues about how to react to sudden changes or crisis situations. Effective leaders must both acknowledge the tension employees may be feeling in difficult circumstances and provide positive affirmations simultaneously. When employees feel supported and included, they are more likely to take on the challenges that working remotely can pose with a sense of purpose, passion and focus to make a positive impact for the good of the organization.

The team at AccruePartners wants you to know that you’ve got this. We understand that there are many unprecedented challenges during this time, but your talent solutions partner is here to help any way that we can. Tell us how AccruePartners can better serve you through this time.