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We’d love to hear more stories about how Size Doesn’t Matter in the workplace! So if you have a special instance in your life in which size didn’t matter, please take a moment to share for a chance to win your very own Apple Watch Sport! Also, feel free to share with your family and friends! This contest is open to the public and we encourage anyone and everyone to join the conversation!

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Rick Fike

When was the last time a chain restaurant served you an unforgettable meal? Did the best scallops you’ve ever had come from a restaurant with thousands of locations? Do you have a business partner relationship with the staffing & executive search firms you work with? Do they know your culture, your leaders, and your needs? They should. It’s quality and not quantity that builds your winning team. And as far as my earlier metaphor goes? We have a successful track record “serving meals” to global giants and local niche businesses.  #SizeDoesntMatter @AccruePartners #AccruePartners



Tyler Stobbe

I graduated from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro in May, 2015. I connected with AccruePartners in June and received a job interview immediately. AccruePartners prepared me for the interview process, and after two such meetings with the client I was offered an IT position at an industry-leading, global manufacturing company. Within this company, I am the newest member on the Workforce Productivity team.

My incredible team consists of a mere five members, but our visibility is company-wide and our services are vital to the enterprise. We write and deliver communications for corporate projects and create How-To documentation for company users that’s helps them get things done faster.

The #SizeDoesntMatter campaign shows that talent and capability isn’t quantitative; it’s qualitative. We’re a small group that embraces large challenges. AccruePartners does the same. According to the Charlotte Business Journal, AccruePartners has an extremely high client satisfaction rate and sits atop many contingency executive search firms. It doesn’t take a goliath-sized company to achieve giant success because Size Doesn’t Matter! @AccruePartners #AccruePartners



Brian Young

If Size Mattered, The Elephant would be the King of the Jungle! #SizeDoesntMatter @AccruePartners #AccruePartners



Michelle Mitchell

While working in the world of sports, not only was I hired contract as an interim General Manager of an Indoor football team, I had the opportunity to fly out to Texas and do consulting work for a team in Mesquite. Because I am a female, I was told that I would fail, and that I could never work in the world of sports. I might not have won any conference championship, but I touched hundreds of peoples live (young and old) because SIZE DOESNT MATTER!!!! #SizeDoesntMatter @AccruePartners #AccruePartners