December 28, 2016

Job Searching? Expect to See These Trends in 2017…

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Job Searching

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment is at at the lowest we’ve seen since August 2007, coming in at 4.6 percent this month.

Companies are aggressively hunting for the best talent. Job searching? 2017 has great things in store for you but are you prepared for the new year’s trends? Use this December downtime to take full advantage of your search so you’ll be fully prepared for the new year.


Here are five key trends, provided by US News, that job seekers should expect to encounter in 2017:

  • A need for speed
    • “Companies are paying close attention to how fast job applicants respond to their questions and complete any necessary assessments, and they are sometimes using this information to rule candidates in – or out.”


  • You’ll be asked to do more online
    • “If you’re a younger job candidate, this probably seems normal. If you’re a bit more experienced, some of the online interactions may seem new and even strange. The best thing anyone can do is be prepared.”


  • You’re going to be treated better
    • “It’s a job seeker’s market right now. Employers are likely to be more responsive and open to negotiation.”


  • Employers will care more than ever about the interview experience
    • “If the job interview experience is negative, employers know that it will reflect poorly on the brand overall.”


  • Prepare to be sourced
    • “Even if you are completely content in your current job, a great opportunity could be on the other end of a cold call or email. Take a minute and consider it.”


Dive deeper into each of these trends on US News’ website here.

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