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Technology Careers to grow in 2016.

Finding a technology career that is in demand now and will still be in demand 10 years from now might not be as hard as you think. Especially if you can adapt to your surroundings and continually increase your proficiency alongside the rapid expansion and growth we are seeing in the world of technology. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Information Technology sector is predicted to experience a 2.19% annual employment growth from 2010 to 2020 – making the IT profession undoubtedly among the fastest growing segments of employment in the United States.

According to Dice’s Tech salary Survey, rising salaries are pushing the hiring budgets for employers seeking new hires. This push increases the importance for HR to find tech candidates that possess the right mix of skills and experience. The increase in Tech salaries rose 7.7 percent between 2014 and 2015 – which is the biggest increase in the history of Dice’s Salary Survey (link: The most popular tech skills included enterprise applications, programming, databases, operating systems and cloud/virtualization. Specialists in the following could expect generous payouts:

Information Technology Professions
In fact, InformationWeek recently released the 15 Hottest It Jobs for 2016 stating that salaries are on the rise throughout the US economy – with the biggest salary growth in IT. While average annual salaries of all the professional fields studied are expected to rise 4.1% in 2016 compared with 2015, indications show the average salaries for IT professionals will increase 5.3% in the same time period. Some IT jobs are may perform much better than that, with average salary increases of as much as 9% next year.

With digital firmly embedded in every business, being successful throughout this “technology revolution” has become a challenge that can’t be solved simply by investing in more and more technology or – as some fear – replacing humans with technology. Companies must focus their efforts on enabling people to accomplish more with technology, which is why we are seeing such a positive outlook for the IT sector.

“More and more, IT professionals are generating their position within companies with increased knowledge, awareness of up and coming technologies and by embracing opportunities to further themselves professionally. Employers see this as a positive opportunity to expand their offerings and to stay in sync with a dynamically growing business sector.” – Sadie Depew, Executive Recruiter, Division Director & Business Development Professional – Information Technology at AccruePartners.

Technology professionals are low in supply and demands are high. Companies must maintain the competitive edge with retention efforts such as salary, culture, benefits and thinking outside of the box to attract top talent. Businesses are creating a new corporate culture that resonates more with talent – seeking engagements that are exciting and challenging. 2016 is the time for businesses to look at technology as a way to enable people to constantly grow and learn – creating new solutions and promoting continual change. In an age where the focus is locked on technology it is up to the people to continue to be proactive, inventive and innovative. Professional development is a key strategy in retaining top talent and highly sought after by top talent.

Equipped with a robust network of vetted talent that spans across the U.S. and an intense sourcing and screening process, AccruePartners expands beyond the typical search delivering technology professionals who possess superior interpersonal skills and strong technical capabilities. It is our subject matter expertise and ability to constantly monitor the pulse of an ever-changing industry that allows us to continuously provide “best-in-class” staffing solutions in a extremely competitive job market. Our focused recruitment and retention efforts speed up the hiring process and ensure a cultural & technical fit for a broad range of business sectors, including Fortune 500 Companies as well as the the nichè or boutique technology firms.

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