Should You Tell Interviewers the Truth – Or What They Want to Hear?

How honest should you be in your interview? You’re asked a question, and you know your answer — but you also know it’s not the answer the interviewer wants to hear.

In many cases, interviewers want you to be candid and honest about your shortcomings. Yes, they are looking for particular qualities and experience, but they also want to know that you’re a person, not a robot. For example, a hiring manager who asks you to recount a mistake that you made truly wants to hear about your blunder (and how you learned from it, of course) — not that you’ve had a miraculously mistake-free career.

You may think your answer isn’t the right one — but it may actually be the breath of fresh air that lands you the job.

To figure out where to draw the line, has created 4 helpful tips to keep in mind.

  1. Realize you don’t actually know what the interviewer wants to hear
  2. Rephrase if possible
  3. Ask more questions
  4. Know your deal breakers

Interested in diving in deeper to each of these tips? Read the full article here.