Innovation in the Workplace 01 of 03: Hire the Right People

“Innovation requires continual evolution,” said Scott Jewett, CEO and founder of research and development solutions provider Element-Y. “An innovative company can have an advantage in the marketplace, but it must also balance the investment and cost with the potential outcome. The problem is that most companies focus on building an innovative infrastructure rather than on teaching their team a structured way of thinking that delivers great results.”

An innovative workplace requires a leader who can provide the right combination of people, processes and focus. In the weeks leading up to the TEDxCharlotte event, sponsor AccruePartners will be offering insights through a 3 Part Series on finding and harnessing innovation for a productive workforce.


Part 01 – Hiring the Right People

All leaders strive to bring the best talent into their organizations, but hiring employees for their innovative abilities can be a particularly challenging task. The key to hiring the right people is not only to find someone who’s got the required skills, but to also recognize personality traits in candidates that correlate with innovation – e.g. imagination, inspiration, knowledge, boldness, persistence, etc.

Partner with us today and see for yourself how our unique business structure, known as the AccruePartners Business SystemTM, sets forth a rigorous screening process that not only identifies the standard skill sets and historical experience of each candidate, but also insures the necessary traits to become a cultural fit and a true asset to your team. Also, be sure to check back for Part 02 – Cultivating Innovation, where we’ll discuss innovative measures and investments to keep ahead of the curve in a competitive and growing marketplace!