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The Importance of the Thank You Note

Struggling with your job search? Have you interviewed multiple places, and still haven’t received a phone call back? A simple thank you could be standing in your way of landing that dream job.

Thank you notes are a must. Whether it’s an informal interview or a traditional job interview, a thank you goes a long way.  According to CareerBuilder, “22 percent of employers are less likely to hire a candidate if they don’t send a thank you note after the interview. Fifty-six percent said it shows that the candidate isn’t really serious about the position, and a whopping 86 percent said it shows a lack of follow-through.”

Why doesn’t everyone send a thank you? There are numerous reasons why people don’t send thank you’s after an interview, whether it be they don’t think it’s necessary or they’re simply unsure what to say. outlines what to say and how to say it, making sure your thank you (or lack thereof) doesn’t reflect your interview poorly!

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