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Grit – What It Takes To Succeed in the Workplace

What attributes lead to your success in the workplace? Would you consider yourself diligent? Ambitious? Passionate? According to, these qualities definitely help, but they can’t make a full impact without another ingredient: determination to get things done — in a word, grit. Grit is a positive personality trait that can improve your chances to succeed in the workplace, and it can be developed over time. It is ones perseverance and passion for long-term goals.

“Psychologists have recently found that the grittier a person is, the likelier they are to succeed. The connection is so strong that grit is a better predictor of success than raw talent or high IQ.”

So how do you know how gritty you are? outlines four mindsets that gritty people all share:

  1. Growth is always possible
  2. Change presents opportunities
  3. Hard work is sometimes hard
  4. Achievements don’t happen over night

Still not sure how much grit you have? Take the Grid Scale test!