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Compensation – It Goes Beyond a Salary

What do you think of when you hear compensation? Does the word salary come to mind? Do you often use the two interchangeably, as if they defined the same thing? explains how this is far from the truth and why you should know the difference. There is much more beyond salary when it comes to “compensation,” as it’s only one part. Compensation provides other “perks,” aside from salary, that can glorify your position and the company you work for. They’re “add-ons” that are just as important as salary itself. provides us with some examples that we can be compensated with in the workplace:

  • Commission and Bonus
  • Health Care
  • Paid Holiday and Sick Time
  • 401k Plan (retirement contributions)
  • Pension Plan
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Company Car
  • Parking or Transportation Allowance
  • Company Stock Options or Grants
  • Health and Wellness Plan
  • Company Perks and Expense-ables

Did any of the above parts on compensation sway your choice in taking the position you have today? Read the full article here on The Every Girl’s webpage.