Welcome to AccruePartners – Jessica Smith!

Meet Jessica – our new Staffing Manager in the Marketing Division!

Jessica was introduced to AccruePartners by her close friend and our current IT Staffing Manager, Lydia Woods. With over 4 years of B2B sales and marketing experience, Jessica is the perfect addition to our marketing division.

Big Plans with AccruePartners

When asked what she hopes to accomplish in her new role, Jessica told us that, “In sales, I was able to help businesses save money. In recruiting I get to help businesses grow with the right people. I plan to build superior relationships with my clients so that I can understand exactly what they are looking for with every candidate. Ultimately, I aim to be proactive rather than reactive in this role.”

Jessica has always been passionate about helping people and investing in relationships. Saying that,

“Assisting a company in finding not just any candidate, but the right candidate, that will help them grow and be successful, that feels amazing. Helping a candidate find the company that provides them the perfect opportunity to grow and develop professionally while maintaining a work-life balance, that also feels amazing.”

That “amazing feeling” is what Jessica strives for every day in the office

Outside the Office

She was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She attended Texas A&M University, home of the Fighten’ Texas Aggies, where she studied Business Management and Horticulture. After college, Jessica moved to Boston and started her sales career. She transferred to Charlotte and has firmly planted her roots here in the Queen City.

Jessica loves exploring Charlotte’s vibrant brewery and food truck scene with her husband. They also enjoy taking their dogs on hikes and discovering different adventures around the city.

We are excited to welcome Jessica to our growing team and look forward to her success with AccruePartners!

Connect With Jessica

Connect with her on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on open marketing positions with AccruePartners. Or, if you’re looking to fill your marketing roles quickly and efficiently with AccruePartners, email her directly.

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