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Leverage “Borrow” Recruiting Tactics to Meet Your Staffing Needs

It takes a lot of work to keep a company running smoothly—so much, in fact, that organizations sometimes get bogged down in dealing with day-to- day matters and forget to look ahead. This issue of our HR Insights includes articles by several industry experts that remind companies to cast their eyes forward occasionally so they aren’t caught off guard by shifting workplace demographics, new technologies, and changing industry practices.

In this edition’s feature article, “Leverage ‘Borrow’ Recruiting Tactics to Meet Your Staffing Needs,” Sharlyn Lauby writes that the changing nature of the workforce means that “organizations should view contingent workers as an essential piece of their staffing strategy.” Along with highlighting some of the advantages—and challenges— of this strategy, Lauby also outlines some useful suggestions for its implementation.

No matter how well a company is doing right now, it needs to be ready for whatever is coming down the pike. Each day brings its own successes and challenges, and organizations that don’t plan for the future will find themselves struggling when it arrives. Let AccruePartners help your business develop and implement a plan to prepare for the road ahead!

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