January 09, 2018

The Best Candidates Aren’t Always the Ones with the Best Degrees

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Your business depends on having the right people doing the right jobs. As the job market gets more competitive and companies increasingly vie with each other to attract the best talent, they run the risk of hiring too quickly—too rashly—and ending up with the wrong people. Fortunately, this edition of HR Insights is full of information about how to avoid this mistake.

In this edition’s feature article, “The Best Candidates Aren’t Always the Ones with the Best Degrees,” Ira S. Wolfe presents a cautionary tale about the dangers of placing too much emphasis on candidates’ educational credentials and not looking closely enough at what they can actually do. “Fortunately,” he points out, “there are ways to use education and experience more reliably” to get a sense of a candidate’s potential to fill a particular position well.

Whether an organization is hiring onsite or remote workers, it needs to make sure that candidates know what they’re signing up for. Many companies are exploring new ways to convey this information, and in “Realistic Job Previews: 5 Questions Recruiters Should Ask” Sharlyn Lauby discusses one hiring strategy that, if properly implemented, can pay off big for companies and candidates alike.

Does your organization have a plan to meet its staffing needs in the near and long-term future? Whether you know that you need to reevaluate your hiring strategy or are just starting to think about this subject, we can help you figure out what you need to do to get to where you want to go!

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