5 Types of Coworkers You Need in Your Life

They may be sitting at the desk next to you or pacing up and down the office on their headset. Sometimes spending 40+ hours a week with our coworkers can be a lot, but there are several types of people that can be particularly beneficial in the workplace and make your life infinitely better.

Hiring managers, take note: Fast Company outlines the five types of coworkers everyone needs in the office.


Accrue Gives Back & Hosts a Special Veterans Event!

Last night AccruePartners hosted a special event for local Charlotte Veterans here at our office. At the veterans event, attendees were able to consult with our very own Veteran Recruiters on various topics ranging from transitioning valuable skill sets from military to civilian to networking do’s and don’ts and job interview preparation. This “workshop” was a great success and all Veterans left the event with meaningful career advice, tips and new connections.

Congratulations to Our New ASA Certified Staffing Professionals!

Congratulations to three of our own, Blake Self, Ellen Scheide and Drew Crisan who are now Certified Staffing Professionals through the American Staffing Association! The certification is a rigorous process of study to validate your career choice in staffing and we’ve had 7 employees in 2015 complete one year of service at Accrue and pass the exam. We’re so proud to have 30+ CSP’s on our team and we look forward to their continued success and accomplishments.

Innovation in the Workplace 01 of 03: Hire the Right People

“Innovation requires continual evolution,” said Scott Jewett, CEO and founder of research and development solutions provider Element-Y. “An innovative company can have an advantage in the marketplace, but it must also balance the investment and cost with the potential outcome. The problem is that most companies focus on building an innovative infrastructure rather than on teaching their team a structured way of thinking that delivers great results.”

AccruePartners Hosts Women’s Cooking Class at Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen!

Last night AccruePartners hosted an appreciation event for some of our female clients at Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen in Southend Charlotte. This interactive cooking class did not only have amazing food, but was a lot of fun for all that attended. The class included season appropriate dishes, tips for using healthy, local and sustainable ingredients and everyone took home their very own cook book!

AccruePartners Makes Staffing Industry Analysts 2015 List of Diversity Staffing Firms!

AccruePartners has landed the 2015 List of Diversity Staffing Firms! As a certified woman-owned business, AccruePartners values the diversity in the U.S. workforce and continues to seek out opportunities to diversify the business with the expansion of our National Recruiting Center and the expansion of services in Statement of Work (SOW), Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and HR Advisory services. We are thrilled to have made this list and accomplishment!  Click here to read the full Press Release. 


Stress – How Can You Use it to Your Advantage?

How do you handle stress at work? Are you a suppressor? Do you have your own coping mechanisms just to stay afloat? According to the Harvard Business Review, stress can actually be a “good thing if you know how to use it. There’s no denying that sustained stress does not take a toll, but it has also has the ability to bring unexpected benefits in the form of personal growth if used in the right way.” Click here to read the full article and steps you can use to manage your stress while advancing your success.