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10 Moves You Need to Make Now to Advance Your Career in 2016

Have you sat down and evaluated your career this past year? Does the holiday chaos have you sidetracked? This is one of the best times of year to focus on managing your career. Now is a better time than ever to strategize all the right steps before years-end.

Fortune Magazine has outlined these 10 tips to keep your career on track well into the new year:

  1. Schedule a review meeting
  2. Set new goals
  3. Network during holiday mixers to make deeper connections
  4. Leverage the office holiday party
  5. Sign up for professional development
  6. Recap accomplishments from the past year
  7. Revise your resume
  8. Clean out your desk
  9. Compile your kudos file
  10. Polish your online profile


Interested in reading the full article from Fortune Magazine, and using these tips to your advantage? Click here.