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Are you Adding Enough Value to Your Job?

“For a business to succeed, it has to recruit, hire, and retain talented people who consistently bring value to the organization and to its customers. The more value you bring with you to your job, the more valuable you are to your employer.”

But how do you measure your value? How do you know if your contributions are making an impact and helping lead the business to success? Luckily, The Muse has partnered with Inc Magazine to aid in your own evaluation of your work and rate the value that you bring to the table.

As one of AccruePartners Core Values, “being value-added” goes a long way internally for our business. Your value-add is the real contribution you make to your company’s success, outside of your job description, that makes your company run more efficiently, more profitable and ultimately a better place to work. When hiring internally, we look for innovative people with new ideas and points of view that show obvious signs of a value-added mindset.

“Simply meeting expectations is not enough if you want to get ahead. At times when there isn’t enough to go around, it becomes all the more important to be a low-drama, high-value player,” says business consultant, author, and trainer, Cy Wakeman. Using the questionnaire below, you’ll be able to see where you may have performance gaps and where you’ll be able to make improvements.

Rate your own value!