#AccrueTurkey Social Media Challenge


Share a photo of the AccrueTurkey as part of your family & community Thanksgiving gatherings & win a $100…

social media challenge
The AccrueTurkey has taken flight once again and is going further than ever before! Take your AccrueTurkey with you this holiday season as you travel to be with friends and family so you all can participate in our #NametheAccrueTurkey Challenge! This year we are looking to give our famous turkey a household name and explore distant horizons! Share your photo of the #AccrueTurkey on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter as a part of your Thanksgiving Festivities and tell us how far you travelled to enter for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card for naming the AccrueTurkey – JUST IN TIME for the holidays.


Share your #AccrueTurkey photo via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with a comment on what you think we should name it. Get creative with your thoughts and help us this year to #NametheAccrueTurkey! Be sure to hashtag #NametheAccrueTurkey #AccrueTurkey and tag @accruepartners with your location.


Be sure to TAG @AccruePartners on each submission and Add Location on each submission this year. There are no limits on the number of submissions. The chosen name for the AccrueTurkey will be revealed on Friday, December 9th!

Contest Rules & Regulations: In order to be a contender, all participants must share their AccrueTurkey photo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or a combination of all 3 – tagging @accruepartners, #AccrueTurkey, #NametheAccrueTurkey and your location. If you do not tag either of the aforementioned, you will be dismissed from the competition. In addition to proper tagging, help us name the #AccrueTurkey this year in the #NametheAccrueTurkey Challenge for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card! Acceptable social media sites include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you do not have an account with any of those sites, you may send your photo to kfinnegan@accruepartners.com and it will be posted to AccruePartners’ company pages.


Some examples of acceptable photo submissions include the AccrueTurkey…

  • watching the Macy’s Day Parade festivities
  • handing out food at a local homeless shelter
  • at the dinner table with your family
  • networking at your company’s thanksgiving party
  • watching or even partaking in some annual football traditions
  • laid back on the couch with you in “turkey coma”
  • waiting in a ridiculously long line during Black Friday


While these are just a few examples, we encourage you to put your own unique spin on it & look forward to seeing your submissions!


You will have until Wednesday, December 7th to submit your photo through social media or by email. The winners will be chosen by Principal Partners Amy and Patty and announced Friday, December 9th.