AccrueCares Is An Educational And Sometimes Life-Changing Initiative From Our Hearts to Yours.

We have you covered from professional resume writing knowledge to winning interviewing directives to landing the perfect career and salary.

But there is so much to cover in between those awesome career steps. What about you as the individual? How does all of this affect you? How as the pandemic and civil unrest affected your career and life? Where do you fall on the work from home comfort spectrum?

We build monthly and quarterly support programs that are fun and open to allow networking and discussion about all of these issues affecting your life, your peers, your career and your social impact.

Come on! Join us at our next AccrueCares event.

We’ll be networking, sharing stories, making new friends, learning something about ourselves and living our best lives. But we need you to make it a real connection because somebody else will benefit from meeting you.

AccrueCares Events