Reference Checks

The 411 on Reference Checks

A candidates resume and interview can only reveal so much about their past behavior and performance. References allow hiring managers and Recruiters to gain insight on candidates that will help make the best hiring decision possible. References can also help hiring managers and Recruiters understand who candidates are currently as a professional and how well they will perform in the position they are interviewing for. 

To some, references might seem like a formality, but to both, hiring managers and Recruiters, they’re invaluable. In fact, a professional reference can make or break your ability to land a job, says Mary Olson-Menzel, president of MVP Executive Search and Development. So what happens if relationships with past employers didn’t end well? What if a potential new employer calls your old boss?

According to, here’s how to ensure your references always put you in the best light when hiring managers and Recruiters call:

  1. Assemble an A-Team
  2. Do Some Prep Work
  3. Follow Up
  4. Beware of Hidden References
  5. Refute a Bad Reference


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